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If you want to learn about our lakes, we welcome you to explore our website! Many areas of the website are open to all.

Are you a member of the Association with dues paid for the membership year May 1 to April 30? If YES, you are eligible to join the online community right now and gain access to the website’s advanced features. If you have a lake house to rent, want to sell a boat, want to see who is at the lake, have a lost or found item, or want to discuss current lake topics, complete your profile to get started.

Are you a property owner at the lake but your dues are not current? It's not too late to join the Association! Almost 80% of property owners are members. So join your friends and neighbors now. It’s simple. Complete the form below. You will receive a confirmation email followed by membership information.

Who can become a member? According to the Association’s by-laws, all owners of property adjacent to or in the platted subdivisions adjacent to Oliver and Martin Lakes are eligible for membership. Property owners become members by prompt payment of dues beginning May 1 for the membership year May 1 - April 30.

If you are an immediate family member of an Association member, state your relationship to the property owner in the Personal Bio section of your User Profile. The Personal Bio is located at the bottom of the User Profile. You MUST be an immediate family member to receive login privileges.


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Treasurer, Oliver and Martin Lakes Association
9527 Sea View Cove
Fort Wayne, IN 46835

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