Dove Creek

In August of this year, the LaGrange County Drainage Board was petitioned by our Association to increase the ditch tax for the Calwell Ditch (also known as Dove Creek) watershed to help pay for better maintenance. That tax had not been changed since the late 1960's when it was first enacted. Now the tax will be increased to $4 per acre for land contained in the watershed with a $20 minimum tax. This increase will result in approximately $5,600 per year in funds to be used to support ditch maintenance, including but not limited to cleaning out two sediment traps located in the bed of the creek just North of the culvert on 450S. The Association and its committees will continue to monitor these basins as it will not take long for them to fill back up. Longer term, however, the goal should be to eliminate the need for basins altogether by addressing the primary reasons for sediment accumulation: stream bank erosion and agricultural practices. 

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