Oliver Lake project complete

The Oliver and Martin Lakes Conservation and Improvement Association, Inc., would like to announce the completion of the project to repair the the Oliver Lake outlet dam.
While the IDNR granted the Association permission to repair the dam and provided approvals, specifications and permits, the SOLE funding for this reconstruction project was Association dues and voluntary contributions from lake residents. 
Since 2014, the OMLCIA Board has authorized $19,173.75 on the actual reconstruction and $7,294.85 on engineering, survey and permit fees, for a total of $26,468.60. The Board took on this project to make sure the reconstruction was performed correctly and that the dam was set at the proper height. 

When you have time, please take a look. You will see a dam covered with stainless steel with no water going under or through the dam. Now you have another example of  why it is so important for people to join the Association! Your dues and contributions go directly to the efforts of conservation, preservation, and improvement of our lakes and environs.
The persistent efforts of present and past Board members made this project possible. In addition, SPECIAL THANKS go to Fred Leiter, Vince Heiny, and Lloyd Leeka for their exceptional contributions that resulted in getting this project off the ground.

We think this Oliver Lake reconstruction project should be used as an example of how a dam should be constructed for all lakes in the State of Indiana!

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