Construction projects complete

OMLCIA is pleased to announce that construction projects designed to stabilize the banks of two LaGrange County regulated ditches have been completed. In 2014 the Association applied for and was awarded a $16,900 LARE grant to address significant erosion of the banks of regulated ditches 45 located just South of CR 600 S near the intersection with SR 9 and 49B, located just South of CR 550 S and East of SR 9. Both ditches empty into Martin Lake and have contributed to the build up of sediment runoff due to the erosion problems over many years. Davey Resource Group of Fort Wayne, IN was awarded the construction contract and completed all design and construction work under the supervision of Caleb Asbury, Biologist for Davey. OMLCIA provided a 20% matching cash contribution to the effort. "We are committed to working with LaGrange County government and Soil and Water Conservation District officials to help improve water quality anywhere we can in our 7,400 acre watershed, and we look forward to working on more ways to collaborate on projects as well as the development of an overall watershed management program in the future," said Patrick Wiltshire, Chairperson of the Water Quality Improvement Committee for the Association. 

Below is a link to before-and-after photographs of each site. 


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July 4, 2018

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