Legislative Alert

Legislation is beginning its way through the legislative process which could bring long term adverse environmental impact to LaGrange County.

Senator Jean Leising has authored bill SB 249 which will prevent local governments from preventing, regulating, or restricting factory farm (CAFO) operations. This bill would make it illegal for an Indiana county, municipality or township to adopt any ordinance or rule that would prohibit a farmer from constructing a livestock facility in an area zoned for agricultural use.

Follow the timeline.
January 6 - Indiana General Assembly gaveled into session
January 6 - SB 249 read first time and referred to Committee on Agriculture
January 13 - The committee hearing for SB 249 was held. After presentations from both sides Senator Leising, author of SB 249, decided to hold the bill. However, it could be back in the committee as early as next week. If this bill passes the Senate, and even if it fails in the House, it could still come back in Conference Committee at the end of the session in some other form.

Let your voice be heard. 

Contact your state senator to let your senator know that you support farming but do not support factory farms and do not support this bill. Explain that you believe that factory farming operations require more regulation and oversight not less.
What can you do? Consider these three actions.
Action #1. Email the senate committee members. 

Senator Leising email…

Senator Glick email…

Senator Crider email…

Senator Messmer email…

Senator Perfect email…

Senator Steele email…

Senator Tomes email…

Senator Mrvan email…

Senator Randolph email…

Action #2. Call the senate committee members.  
800-382-9467  Ask to speak with each of the committee members: Senator Leising, Senator Glick, Senator Crider, Senator Messmer, Senator Perfect, Senator Steele, Senator Tomes, Senator Mrvan, and Senator Randolph.
Action 3. Sign the online petition. 

Click on the link below to sign the Internet petition opposing SB 249

Other links of interest pertaining to this legislation

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