At the request of the Oliver and Martin Lakes Board of Directors, Mr. Vince Heiny corresponded with IDNR supporting the Board’s desire to have the legal lake level re-established for the Oliver Lake chain.

The Board has been concerned for years over the low water level and the deteriorating condition of the water control structure in the outlet channel.

The Board contends that the Oliver Lake level should be set at 899.45 (NGVD 1929), the level Court ordered in 1952. Currently the lake is being maintained at 899.23 per the new level established by IDNR. This level has posed recreational and environmental difficulties for many parts of the lake. The difference between 899.45 and 899.23 results in a lower lake level of 3 to 4 inches.

In early January, Mr. Neese, the IDNR official responsible for Surveying and Mapping, responded to Mr. Heiny and agreed with the concerns raised in his correspondence. Mr. Neese agreed that the legal lake level should be 899.45 (NGVD 1929). After conferring with other senior IDNR management, he also agreed that the Association may proceed with the much-needed maintenance on the water control structure. The Board is now working with Mr. Gensic of Gensic Engineering to complete this maintenance.

When you see Vince Heiny, please thank him for his efforts on behalf of the Association.


Click here to view the November 2014 letter from Vince Heiny

Click here to view the January 2015 letter from Indiana DNR

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