OMLCIA Awards LARE Construction Work

The Association's Water Quality Improvement Committee has recommended Davey Resource Group of Ft. Wayne to complete the construction work associated with the LARE grant that was awarded to OMLCIA on July 31. Davey will perform all work related to obtaining permits, completing any final engineering details and overseeing the installation of piping and stone to stabilize the banks of two County ditches that feed into Martin Lake. The total value of the contract is $21,125, and of that $2,122, or 10%, will be matching funds from OMLCIA, and up to another $2,123 can be in-kind services provided by OMLCIA. One other contractor submitted a proposal, S&L Environmental Services, Inc. of Goshen.

For more information concerning these two projects may be found in this report.


In other Water Quality Improvement news, several members of the committee will be meeting with representatives of the Indiana DNR in October to discuss and review our 2014 Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan (AVMP).  We will discuss progress made from the treatments to invasive water plants applied this year and also how we can encourage the growth of native plant species.  We will provide an update as well as a link to the final AVMP document later in the fall.

Be sure to take a walk in the OLIN Nature Preserve, or any of the other fine parks and preserves in Indiana as the leaves turn this fall!

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