Our first-ever lakes calendar

We all know there are some great shutterbugs among our members and their families on our lakes and it's time to put that talent to work!

Submit your BEST picture of Oliver-Olin-Martin lake life from the past year and it could be selected as one of 13 to be published in our first ever lakes calendar, one for each month plus the cover.

Send to  Attach one or more pictures in .jpg, or .jpeg format.

We recommend a minimum pixel density of 900 X 700, or a size of at least 650,000 bytes, in order to produce a quality 8X10 print. Also, be sure to provide the name of the photographer in your family you wish to have displayed at the bottom of your photo, if selected to be in the calendar.

DEADLINE for submission of pictures is midnight, Sunday, October 19!

You can also place orders at any time with this ORDER FORM. DEADLINE for submission of orders to ensure delivery by the Holidays is Friday, December 12! 

The Selection Committee will select pics and have the first batch of calendars available in early November. We will also display the calendar on our website.

Start digging through all those great pics soon, or get outside and take some. We need pics from all four seasons, all three lakes and all types of scenes!  


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