Oliver Lake tributary stream bank improvements

Indiana Department of Natural Resources - NEWS RELEASE - 8/21/2014

New grants for the care of Indiana's water bodies totaling $994,300 have been awarded through the Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) program in the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife.
The grants help fund 23 projects in 18 counties. Local sponsors submit applications for LARE assistance and commit to sharing a portion of the total cost. DNR's share comes from a fee paid annually by boat owners when registering their boats with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The grants allow for the completion of projects that are difficult for smaller local organizations to fund.
The projects include water quality monitoring, bank erosion control, and watershed land treatments to reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients entering water. Six grants for land treatment were awarded to Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs). These grants will complement SWCD efforts with local landowners. 

Some projects also will result in the creation of habitat elements such as riffle pools, stream meanders and wetlands for fish and other aquatic organisms. Habitat enhancements encourage biological diversity in and around the streams, including more opportunities for game fish populations to thrive.
“Simultaneously enhancing habitat for fish and other organisms while addressing erosion make this a clear ‘win-win’ for both the resources and the citizens of Indiana,” said Mark Reiter, director of DNR Fish & Wildlife.
The list of projects by water body, county, project type and grant award:
August 2014 LARE grant awards 
Water body (county) Project type Grant award 
Bean Blossom Creek (Monroe and Brown) Watershed land treatment $35,000 
Beaver Dam Lake (Kosciusko) Bio-engineered shoreline protection $10,900 
Crooked Lake (Whitley) Gully stabilization and watershed detention basins $19,700 
Driftwood River (Bartholomew) Watershed diagnostic study $48,000 
Eagle Creek (Boone) Stream bank stabilization and habitat enhancement $100,000 
Eel River (Wabash) Watershed land treatment $60,000 
Iroquois River, Carpenter Creek and Curtiss Creek (Jasper) Water quality monitoring project $13,600 
Lake Galbraith (Marshall) Rain garden construction $15,000 
Lake George (in Hobart in Lake County) Shoreline stabilization $98,000 
Lake James tributary (Steuben) Stream channel improvements and wetland restoration $71,200 
Lake Lemon (Monroe) Study to evaluate a proposed sediment trap $6,400 
Loon Lake (Whitley and Noble counties) Bio-engineered island protection $33,000 
Oliver Lake tributary (LaGrange) Stream bank improvements $16,900 
Spy Run Creek (Allen) Design project to improve habitat and reduce bank erosion $55,600 
Sugar Creek (Boone) Watershed land treatment $50,000 
Sugar Creek (Clinton) Watershed land treatment $50,000 
Thorpe Creek (Marion) Bank stabilization and habitat enhancement $60,000 
Tippecanoe River (Pulaski) Design project for stream bank restoration $42,000 
Upper Tippecanoe River (Kosciusko) Watershed land treatment $35,000 
Upper Tippecanoe River (Whitley) Watershed land treatment $35,000 
Yellow Creek (Elkhart) Bio-engineered stream bank stabilization $50,000 
Yellow River (Marshall) Water quality monitoring project $33,000 
Webster Lake (Kosciusko) Bio-engineered island protection $56,000
Total = $ 994,300 

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