OMLCIA Awarded LARE Construction Grant


We are pleased to announce that our Water Quality Improvement Committee has been notified by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources that OMLCIA has been awarded a construction grant of $16,900 which can be used to fund up to 80% of the cost of any projects that was described in our grant application.  Specifically, these funds will be used to complete two projects identified in the Feasibility, Engineering and Design Study (FEDS) which was completed last Spring by Davey Resource Group.

Both projects involve installing piping and stone in two LaGrange County regulated ditches. These ditches both have 90 degree bends in them that cause significant soil erosion and distribution of nutrient rich silt to the east basin of Martin Lake. "Our lake chain serves as a collection point for a very large watershed of 7,240 acres" says Patrick Wiltshire, Chairman of the Water Quality Improvement Committee. "It is imperative that we make these kinds of investments to improve and maintain the water clarity and quality of Oliver, Olin and Martin Lakes. This kind of collaboration between our Association, the DNR and LaGrange County will help make significant progress towards this long term goal". 

Requests for construction bids will be made in the coming weeks, with construction to follow yet this Fall. 

DNR Grant Award Letter

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