What: Public Meeting Regarding Oliver-Martin Lakes Invasive Weed Control Program

When:  Saturday, August 9, 10:00 AM
Where: Back lot pole-barn of Dr. Daniel Heller, A16, 4680 S 150 E - please park in the grass on the East side of the road and leave room behind you for others!
Bring:   Camping/Folding Chair, Refreshment of choice
Background:  In April of this year your lake association was awarded a LARE grant to conduct an Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan and Treatment Program to continue treating invasive species of weeds on our chain, specifically Curlyleaf Pondweed and Eurasian Milfoil.  This is the third year in a row that our lakes have been awarded weed control grants, largely because of the active role your Association Board has taken to address invasive weed growth and also because the Indiana DNR generally sees the most success in eradicating invasives if treated in a three year cycle. We do not anticipate either a treatment grant or association sponsored program in 2015 and possibly for some years beyond, depending on whether and to what extent invasive weeds return to our lakes chain.
The good news:  We are gaining on reducing the population of invasive species on our lakes, while other lakes in our area are experiencing growth invasives.
The bad news:    Since 2008, we have seen an overall decline in the population of native species on our lakes, which needs to be carefully monitored going forward. 
Mr. Todd Gilliam, a biologist with Davey Resource Group, and the Association Water Quality Improvement Committee will be hosting a public meeting on August 9 to review progress that has been made to date, as well as discuss any final recommendations from Davey for the 2014 season.
In addition to a short presentation and discussion regarding the current treatment program we would like to facilitate as much discussion as possible on how our Association members can help encourage the diversity and growth of NATIVE species weeds in our lakes.  
If you are interested in how we can help develop a rich and diverse natural habitat on our lake beds, please plan to attend this meeting to listen, learn and share your thoughts and ideas. 
In preparation for the meeting you may wish to read the 2013 Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan for the Oliver-Martin Lakes chain, produced by Aquatic Water Control.
See you there!

Patrick J Wiltshire, Chairperson, OMLCIA Water Quality Improvement Committee, patrick.wiltshire@gmailcom
Dr. Rob Bollinger, Vice President, OMLCIA,

Attached files: [Pat.OliverLake2014TreatmentMap_.pdf], [Pat.MartinLakeTreatmentMap_.pdf], [Pat.Draft_Oliver_2013_AVMP_-_AWC_.pdf],

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