To treat or not to treat?


Over the course of the last several years, OMLCIA has received funding from LARE grants to treat invasive plants in Oliver and Martin Lakes and to update the Association’s Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan. LARE has funded AVMP projects for Oliver and Martin Lakes 2012-2014 and 2016-2018. The 2015 LARE grant was a regulated drain construction project intended to reduce sentiment and nutrients from entering streams from stream break erosion and being transported into Oliver, Olin, and Martin Lakes. 

That’s 7 years; 7 LARE grants; 7 projects! 

If you live on one of the channels in Oliver Lake, have you ever wondered, “What about me? “ There is an answer. 

First and foremost, all residents who live on Oliver Lake or Martin Lake benefit from treating invasive plants no matter where these weeds are found. Water quality is a by-product of healthy aquatic plant diversity. Invasive species crowd out native plants and inhibit watercraft navigation if left unchecked. If invasive plants are left to thrive unabated, water quality will be affected for everyone. 

When LARE grants are awarded to manage invasive plants on an entire lake, channels would also be included if populations of invasive species are found in them in sufficient populations to be of concern. That means Oliver Lake channels would have been treated for curly-leaf pondweed and Eurasian watermilfoil along with other areas in Oliver and Martin Lakes if these invasive species were found to be a concern.

When LARE grants are awarded for maintenance treatments, they are designed to control smaller nuisance areas of invasive plants. However, not all are so small: areas as large as 10 acres have been treated in the past. These treatments would not include channels, unless the channel connects two lakes. Since OMLCIA received a LARE grant for maintenance treatment in Martin Lake again this year, the channel between Martin and Olin would have been treated if necessary.

You can find all the reports from various LARE grant funded projects for Oliver and Martin Lakes at: 

Thank you to Patrick Wiltshire who contributed to this news post.

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