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At its July 21st meeting, the OMLCIA board of directors elected officers for 2018-2019.  Congratulations go to: 

President, Dan Heller

Past President, Rob Bollinger

Vice-President, Paul Lauver

Secretary, Mark O’Shaughnessy

Treasurer, Mike Renno


The 2018 Oliver, Olin, Martin Lakes directory is here! Section directors will be delivering directories to those properties for which the 2018 OMLCIA dues are current. If you have been meaning to pay dues but have forgotten, now is a good time to do so. 
When you see Donna Moran, please thank her for a job well done! Once again, Donna took the lead on our 2018 directory project. Production of a directory is no small task: it takes hours of time including keeping up-to-date records, multiple trips to the publisher, and great patience in proofreading.
We hope you like the color on the directory cover as well as the new layout of numerical listings. Our appreciation goes to the KPC Media Group, Inc. in Kendallville. They published this directory at no charge to the Association. We also encourage you to patronize the advertisers who made this directory possible.

A1-A21: Dan Heller
A22-A560: Joyce Phillips
B1-B25: Meredith Cameron
B27-B44, B601, BB1-BB7: Lynn Bowen
C1-C17: Mike Renno (For delivery before 8/12, email
C20-C731: Rob Bollinger
CC1-CC41: Fred Leiter
D88-D118: Mark O’Shaughnessy
D120-D149: Dawn Passwater
D150, D801-D919: Paul Lauver
E210-E218, D200: Cindy Noward
F1-H24: Bill Stanley

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